St. Michael's
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church
1182 Ashland St., Greensburg, PA 15601


 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” Mark – 47

All of us are given the opportunity to participate in the life of our church by taking care of a coffee hour. Four families each week will be teamed together to produce the weekly fellowship we enjoy following the Sunday Divine Liturgy. Please bring in five-dozen items. (bagels, cookies, donuts, etc.) 


HOLY BREAD - Schedule


 In order to offer the Holy Bread without having to bake it yourself, 1) write “Holy Bread” on an envelope, 2) write the date you want the prayers said on the envelope, 3) write the names of the living and the dead to be commemorated on the envelope and 4) enclose a $15 donation to the Antiochian Women. The people listed are commemorated during the prayers of the Preparation of the Gifts (Prothesis) and in the Great Entrance. 


 Supervisor: Sub Deacon Joel Gazal  Co-Captains: Michael Hill and Paul Simkovich

Angel Raphael’s Team – Jacob Bliven, Robert Gunther, Samuel Gunther, Travis Laffin, Murdar Memari, Patrick Memari, Paul Simkovich, David Waugaman.

Angel Gabriels Team – Paul Capar, Nicholas Eger, Michael Hill, Alex Jabbour, Derek Keller, Daniel Lebo, Samuel Mansour, Evan Tatarka, Reece Tatarka.