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We are looking for a successor to our current Head Usher, Gust Flizanes.
If you wonder at all what the job entails, talk to Gust and Fr. John.

A note of thanks was received from Church World Service Global (CWS) for the generous donation of School Kits that were made in September by our parishioners — “They have helped individuals and families touched by disaster feel a little more “normal” - and a lot less alone - by providing some of the basic essentials for everyday living.”

Learn more about the power of your compassion at


In order to update their subscription database, the Archdiocese Registrar has asked that we notify all parishioners that...

...YOU MUST RESUBSCRIBE by submitting a new application to “The Word,” if you want to continue receiving it.

The Archdiocesan Registrar has provided a link to the new subscription form for THE WORD publication, so that you can complete it online:

Please note that if you are unable to complete the form online,
there are (green) copies at the entrance to the church for you to complete,
return to the office and we can submit them for you.

Any questions, please call the office. Thank you for your cooperation with this Archdiocesan request.

We’ve been invited to help Christopher Fekos, a recently and early-released participant in our federal prison system, to establish some financial support to get him through the next four to six months. If you think you would be able to contribute toward his challenge, speak with Fr. John.

Food on the Hill

“Food on the Hill” Lunch Ministry

“Food on the Hill” is the name of a ministry that has prepared and served free of charge a lunch to whomever attends on the last Tuesday of each month . Our Men’s Fellowship has continued to lead this work of providing a bit of “daily bread” to those who can benefit from it.

Anyone who would like to support “Food on the Hill” in any capacity, should contact Gus Flizanes (724-863-4443). Please make checks out to “St. Michael’s Church” with “Food on the Hill” on the memo line. If you can possibly also help provide transportation on the day of the luncheon, please contact Gus.

The next Food On The Hill is on Tuesday March 31st. The ANTIOCHIAN MEN will be providing a "Food on the Hill" lunch without charge for those in need. The Men's Fellowship hope to contniue this on a monthly basis.

We are in need of a person to manage the space outside our parking lot — in some places that is a narrow strip with grass or trees and shrubs, in some place it is a larger ‘bank’ area (Wirsing Ave.). Let Julia Ritter (PC Chair) or Don Yoder (PC ViceChair) know if you would take this on (this is not doing the work but getting the work done).


As the Syrian crisis continues with little change, we continue to accept donations to do what we can to help ease the suffering there. Checks may be written to “St. Michael’s” with the note “Syrian Relief.” The following link to a CBS 60 Minutes program will offer some deeper understanding of what is transpiring:

We will be accepting donations to help do what we can to help ease the suffering there. The following link to a CBS 60 Minutes program will offer some deeper understanding of what is transpiring: CLICK HERE for the 60 Minutes Story...



Caleb’s Cupboard is the large, tan plastic box at the front entrance to our church which is intended to be a collection bin in which we may leave canned goods and other non-perishable items for people in need.

Let us regularly fill it to the brim!

For some remarkable Orthodox Christian educational listening, visit the Orthodox Revolutionary blog at These podcasts may also be accessed on You Tube by by clicking this link

International Orthodox Christian Charities - Unique and Effective!

 The assistance is unique. IOCC does not just give aid, but provides the means for people to continue the help themselves. For example, IOCC gives plows and seeds so that a farmer can keep on providing for his family.


· IOCC is helping everywhere – from rebuilding hurricane damages homes in the Southwest U.S to Haiti, many places in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


· 93 Cents ($0.93) of every dollar gets used, because of volunteers


· Each donated dollar is multiplied 7 times through matching funds from many sources


· All Orthodox jurisdictions in the U.S. are involved in the work of IOCC.


For more information on IOCC, see Fr. John or Pete Papas.

If you are CPR trained....

If you are CPR trained, please let someone on the Parish Council know.


Be Part of a Family Mission Team

This year the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) is proud to announce a collaboration with the Center for Family Care (of the Greek Archdiocese) by offering a Family Mission Team. Families from North America, along with Albanian families, will participate in this outreach assisted by OCMC missionaries and Albanian church leaders. The primary focus is to offer a “family witness” while sharing the faith and growing as a family in Christ. Consider being part of this first OCMC and Center for Family Care collaboration and family mission witness! Visit, or

e-mail, for more information or to apply.

Upcoming Calendar
CALENDAR (Sundays by reservation)
Saturday, December 4th
6:00 Great Vespers
Sunday, December 5th
8:45 Matins
10:00 Divine Liturgy
11:20 Church School
Saturday, December 11th
6:00 Great Vespers
Sunday, December 12th
8:45 Matins
10:00 Divine Liturgy
11:20 Church School
Saturday, December 18th
6:00 Great Vespers

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